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Carpets, especially those found in living rooms and hallways, tend to collect lots of “trophies” – chocolate, nail polish, candle wax… the list goes on and on. And every time you non-nonchalantly walk across their surface, they will release dust clouds that spoil the air and a funky smell that you’d rather live without. But here’s the good news – you only need Katryn’s Cleaners’ professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year to keep your rugs stain-free.

Hire The Professionals Just a Walk Way

Sure, you could take your rug to the dry cleaner’s…. or book carpet cleaning and save heaps of time and money. Here is how it works – we will send over a skilled and reliable professional to inspect your carpet and pretreat the stains with suitable products. Once it dries out, your rug will look as if it just arrived from the store. You can even ask the pro for free tips & tricks on how to retain this freshness for longer! Lower your final price and save on your electricity bill with mixing your carpet treatment with our oven sanitizing. Step on germ-free carpets and prepare a healthy snack booking our various services.

A Few Words on Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Chiswick

The carpet technician will remove the stains using one of the following methods:


Hot water extraction cleaning

The pro uses a tiny nozzle to spray hot water under high pressure on any wool or synthetic rug, extracting up to 95% of the moisture back


Steam carpet cleaning

The rug technician treats all stains on synthetic-, wool-, and natural fibre-based carpets by injecting hot steam into the blotted areas


Dry water cleaning

The specialist refreshes the surface of your sisal, seagrass, and other non-water resistant carpets with a selection of powder- and spray-based products

Professional Upholstery & Mattress Included

Stains are not known for their pickiness and will land on any surface they possibly can, your unlucky sofa included. Your carpet cleaners in Chiswick can deal with these random splashes of colour on suede, leather, and other types of upholstery. And when the dust mites take your dreams away and turn them into nightmares, you can count on the pros to provide you with top-notch mattress sanitizing.

Upholstery Cleaning

In case your favourite armchair or sofa is a tad more colourful than you would like, hire a local pro to fix everything for you. To do so, the specialist will use a powerful machine to apply an efficient solvent under high pressure. Soaked deeply into the fabric, this sofa cleaning detergent will absorb all dirt and oils in no time and you’ll be able to sit back and relax as soon as it’s extracted back into the machine.

Mattress Cleaning

Did you spend the last week rolling in your bed instead of getting a good night’s sleep? Then perhaps you may have a dust mite problem. For a quarter of an hour, your certified cleaner will treat your comfy bed with UV light, killing all dust mites and other ill-wishers and giving you a 72+ hour of protection.

Many Conveniences Await You аt Katryn's Cleaners

Your rug cleaners can arrive on any day you’ve spilled your coffee – workdays, weekends, and bank holidays are all suitable days for an appointment. And there’s more:

  • Prochem-approved products: Every detergent the pros use is child- and pet-friendly;
  • Recognisable specialists: They will drive branded vehicles, wear uniforms, and carry ID badges;
  • Extra carpet care: Upon request, we can deodorise your rug or apply a stain protection layer;
  • Around the clock advisers: Make your appointment at a time of your choosing.

Clean Your Carpet Stains Today!

Booking our carpet cleaning is a piece of cake. Just dial 020 3746 2381 and our friendly advisers will ensure that you will get exactly what you need, at the time you need it. Or you can use our instant chat to book our Katryn’s Cleaners services online. Get in touch now to receive a free quote!

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